BASIC (BASIC Equipment | Houston, Texas (basic-equipment.com)) is a leader in plant dismantling, refurbishment, and rebuilding, with over 30 years of experience in the energy business.  We are a turnkey operation from beginning to end.  We provide engineering services for precise removal and rebuilding of your plant or units.  Our team will create the scope of work, match mark each piece, and provide, labor, cranes, and logistics.  Please see our list of clients for past projects.

Core Dismantling Services

Plant Dismantling

BASIC has been a leader in removals and relocation of industrial assets throughout the country.  We have dismantled complete refineries, nitrogen gas plants, equipment, and skid mounted units.  We provide complete turnkey operations from beginning to end.  Once we provide a plan and scope of work, BAS will match mark and make ready all equipment for removal.

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BASIC provides all cranes, manpower, trucking, and plan of removal on all of our projects.  We have extensive experience in removal plans, contracts, and safety.  We can remove and relocate throughout the entire USA.


BASIC has been refurbishing skid packages, motors, pumps, vessels, and exchangers for 30 years.  We are capable of doing everything turnkey.  Please contact us for a quote.



Basic Equipment offers professional industrial engineering capabilities to complement our other manufacturing, design, repair, and refinery turnaround services.  No job is too large or too small for our resourceful staff to manage and execute.  We are qualified to engineer structural and mechanical systems.